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Managed IT Services & Salesforce Consulting
Tailored to Fit Your Team & Budget

We empower nonprofit organizations to amplify their impact and create a better world.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive Salesforce solutions that align perfectly with the unique goals and challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. We believe that every nonprofit has the power to create lasting change, and we are dedicated to being your trusted partner on this journey.

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We have 20 years of database management, project management, program management and non-profit partnership experience that we bring to bear to see your CRM project through to completion.

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A Customized Partnership

Your organization is as unique as the community it serves, so a one-size fits all approach just isn’t going to cut it. WWC partners with you, meeting you where you are and getting you to where you want to be. And like a true partner we won't leave you holding the bag on any project end date. We stick with you from adoption to usage and maintenance.

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We know that all of the details and eventualities can’t be covered in one initial consultation, so we offer our services at a flat rate for the entire scope of the project, rather than using unexpected necessities as a chance to nickel and dime you.

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Our Bottom Line
Aligns With Yours

Our flat rate subscription style service model saves you from unexpected nickel and dining, allowing you to put your funding back into your community where it matters most.

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