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Your Team’s Opportunity Management Workflow Optimized & Customized on Budget

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We offer our services in a flat rate subscription style format. Pick the subscription that best meets your needs, and get billed quarterly. No fine print or surprise bills necessary.

Data migrations

We’ll help you move your information from your team’s various systems and databases to your one new Salesforce solution.

Reports and Dashboards

Your consultant will help you create dynamic reports and insightful dashboards allowing your team to see all open opportunities clearly and easily.

System Automation

Use automated actions, such as thank you emails, to help you streamline your day and your team's workflow so everyone can focus on more community or donor engagement rather than simple repetitive tasks.

User Coaching/Training

Our 1:1 user coaching and group training will ensure that your team can hit the ground running once adoption is complete. Leave tech overwhelm behind and manage your CRM with confidence.

Change Management

We’ll smooth the transition from your current solution to your Salesforce solutions reducing team frustration and downtime.